Lorie’s design aesthetic pulls raw materials from around the world and gives them new life in ways never before imagined. She is innovative, exceptionally knowledgeable of specialty products and materials, and has an uncommon ability to connect with her clients. She is known for her “Spa Living at Home” style, bringing the essence of luxurious indulgence into your own home.

Whether you are looking to remodel a room, add-on to your existing space or a brand new construction, Lorie will match your design ideas to a finished product you will be happy to live with. You will have an array of high quality products and materials to select from, plus you will have the peace of mind knowing that everything will be managed with the utmost of care.

At Bella Designs & Remodeling,  design services are part of the package, so there will be no hidden charges, only transparent and completely documented invoices. All fees will be pre-approved by you.


Bella Designs & Remodeling prepares a comprehensive scope of work from the designs you have approved. This includes a detailed description of each step of the construction process, from beginning to finished product. This scope of work clearly describes what is and isn’t included in the project. This gives everyone a clear understanding of expectations.

Bella Designs & Remodeling then provides a construction agreement and a written review of any structural designs and required engineering that will be submitted to the City or County.

At this point, we finalize details, such as materials and appliance choices. Working closely with Lorie, you can rest assured your selections are expertly coordinated to enhance your space and communicate your unique taste. Specifications and details for all choices are gathered in a comprehensive job site plan.


Smart Home 

With her uncommon expertise in lighting and energy efficiency, Lorie has been integrating Smart Home automation into her projects for years. With a Smart Home, you can maximize your energy efficiency by automatically performing routine tasks like adjusting thermostats throughout the day as you come and go, as well as opening and closing window shades to protect your home from the heat and harsh UV rays of the sun during the day.

A Smart Home can also make your home safer by working with your alarm system to turn on lights if there is a fire or break-in, or simply illuminating your way through the house when you return after dark.

How nice would it be to walk into your home and have your favorite music playing as you arrive and follow you from room to room? Smart home integration has become the standard now for luxury homes and adds value, too.