carlsbad-home-remodeling-lorie-buscemiLorie Buscemi, founder and CEO of Bella Designs & Remodeling in Southern California, is no ordinary designer. Expect anything but the norm if you make the wise choice to work with her and her team.

Years ago, after a successful career in a high-stress leadership role, Lorie chose to follow a more creative expression of her tenacity and attention to detail and Bella Designs and Remodeling was launched. You can expect creative thinking, detailed planning and flawless execution of any project, always managed personally by Lorie.

Lorie’s design aesthetic pulls raw materials from around the world and gives them new life in ways never before imagined. She is innovative, exceptionally knowledgeable of specialty products and materials, and has an uncommon ability to connect with her clients. She is known for her signature “Spa Living at Home” style, bringing the ambiance of luxury into your own home through the use of exquisite textures, lighting, and many more refined details.

An innovator in her field, Lorie has embraced and deftly utilizes Smart Home integration and is well-known as a specialist in the use of LED energy efficient lighting. Her whole house audio and entertainment systems add the finishing touch to any room.

Some of Lorie’s signature styles include reflective wall and ceiling finishes, sand art wall textures, water features, and the utilization of materials in unexpected and thought provoking ways. In 2013 she opened a showroom that features many of her innovations. By invitation only, please call for a private showing.